Saturday, March 31, 2012


Ok, SO here's my take on this tragedy. Yes I used the word tragedy. Remember that a young man died. Now I have three thoughts about this really.
1. I don't think Neighborhood Watch should be killing people. He should have waited for the cops unless he saw the kid actually doing something. I don't bother people in my neighborhood and they don't shoot me.
2. At first "they" were saying this wasn't even going to trial and that's what angered me. Anytime a person is shot and killed it should be investigated in a court of law. Not even necessarily arrest but it should be judged by more than just the police officer on site. Now I hear that it is going before a grand jury. Is that true?
3. I think it's about time the professional racists get out of the game. Al you had your time in the sun. Let the younger generation speak for themselves. I hate how this tragic event for the people who are really involved turned into a payday for a whole bunch of people... It seems most of my independent thinker friends at least agree with that last point.