Friday, April 6, 2012

Could Reagan win a GOP primary today.

This is kind of a moot question because the war on terror changed everything. But it's an interesting debate. I have been posting on this really bad site called It's put together terribly and has a real problem with the comments section. Here's the link to the poll about Reagan.

This site is dodgy so please discuss here! Thanks! My personal take is that America has gotten gradually more conservative since Nixon. A true conservative would be against everything the modern conservative stands for. Legalizing freedom would be a great start. Avoiding nation building also seems like a conservative viewpoint. I am not saying that the Dems don't have their own part in this but I find the Republicans to be more interested in what I ingest or what happens to my private parts more than the left wing. The left wing seems to be more interested in what I am learning and how they can manipulate that. Independent thinkers welcome.

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