Saturday, March 31, 2012


Ok, SO here's my take on this tragedy. Yes I used the word tragedy. Remember that a young man died. Now I have three thoughts about this really.
1. I don't think Neighborhood Watch should be killing people. He should have waited for the cops unless he saw the kid actually doing something. I don't bother people in my neighborhood and they don't shoot me.
2. At first "they" were saying this wasn't even going to trial and that's what angered me. Anytime a person is shot and killed it should be investigated in a court of law. Not even necessarily arrest but it should be judged by more than just the police officer on site. Now I hear that it is going before a grand jury. Is that true?
3. I think it's about time the professional racists get out of the game. Al you had your time in the sun. Let the younger generation speak for themselves. I hate how this tragic event for the people who are really involved turned into a payday for a whole bunch of people... It seems most of my independent thinker friends at least agree with that last point.


  1. Al has been at this so long, I feel like he knows what he's doing as far as bringing racial injustice to the forefront of conversation. It's a fight I care about, but it's not my fight. So long as the African American community wants him to speak on their behalf, so be it. He's done a lot of good in his life.

    Besides, every time Al gets involved, it drives the right crazy, and I think that's a good thing. I find it curious how so many on the right are trying to find a way to either not make this a race issue, try to empathize with Zimmerman and remind us he should get the benefit of the doubt and not found guilty in the court of public opinion. This from the crowd who are normally ok with tossing people in jail and throwing away the key and are of course solidly behind the death penalty. I have read some comments from conservatives who believe the left are only making this a race issue because it benefits Obama (of which there doesn't seem to be any evidence of that).

    It's a sad story and Zimmerman needs to be in jail. He pursued and killed the kid after the 911 dispatcher told him not to go near him. He killed this kid in cold blood and now the tape of him being taken to the station clearly shows he was not assaulted by Martin as he said he was.

  2. I to think it's a tragedy. I can see how this could happen even though we don't really know what happened. But here's what I think happened. From Zimmerman's perspective; There were many breakins, and many people got away with it. He saw someone who didn't live in the community, and he planned on following him until the police got there. I don't think he was on his way back to his SUV which will be a problem for him next month. From Martins perspective; this maniac is following me, if he keeps following me I'm gonna knock him out. It's not illegal what Zimmerman did (following) but when you carry a gun you're held to what the court calls a higher standard of care. He should have stayed in his SUV and followed him from the car. Martin should have called 911.

  3. Yeah you both are right. Frank I don't know if I agree bou Al. He alienates a lot of people. Mainly because of his lack of credibility due to Tawana Brawley. People will never forget that. The thing is when you read an interview with the man he's actually very smart and hard to argue with. But put him in front of a camera and you don't get the same calm demeanor. I guess it's his style that bothers people.
    TJ you are correct but I've also heard that Zimmerman was a nuisance to the police. 46 911 calls that were

  4. Google Chrome wouldn't let me comment on it's own website... Odd. Anyway I heard that he is a wannabe cop and now it got him in trouble. Which is why I always say mind your own business. I mean I've heard of neighborhood watch and even patrols. But never a captain riding around in a truck looking for trouble.

  5. When I got my pistol permit the 1st thing I did was read about 5 books on judicious use of force. In my opinion a manslaughter charge is hanging on can he prove that he was on his way back to his SUV. You can read case after case ultimatetly it's up to 12 people. The calls the cops 46 times thing seems insane, but his lawyer could spin that his his advantage. Especially if he never got involved those 46 times. I know because of all the forclosures and it's a seansonal state that the breakins have been crazy in FL, so maybe all 46 times were warrented?

  6. True. Like I said let it come to trial. There was some guy on a call in show saying how this was the next Rodney King and he sounded really really happy. I still think racism is a real problem for this country but I don't think it should be fought over every time there is an incident. At least let it go to court. The one thing is when cops are involved they simply don't get in trouble. It's very rare.

  7. We weren't there. There's no way we can know what happened. Was it Murder? Manslaughter? Self Defense? Until ALL of the facts are in, people need to sit back and wait for the investigation to be completed.

    On a side note, I think Spike Lee should be prosecuted for his role in putting the lives of two elderly people in danger. The black panthers who were trying to raise a $1,000,000 bounty for Zimmerman should be investigated.

    NBC has admitted to editing the 911 tapes to make Zimmerman appear more racist. (He never mentioned race until the dispatcher asked. Of course, they deleted the dispatcher's question and just aired Zimmerman saying "He looks like he's up to something. He's black.") Nah... that's not inflammatory!

    Sharpton is a glory seeking race baiter. Didn't he cause enough problems with Tawana Brawley and the Duke Lacrosse incident? Time for him to just go away!

  8. Well my main issue with this case was the fact that they were saying Zimmerman was just going to be let go without facing a jury of his peers. That is now how we do things here. Or at least how we used to do things.