Sunday, April 1, 2012

NYPD sure does get away with quite a bit.

The NY Daily News has been doing a fantastic job of covering this story. I will link to the most recent article.

"quacks like a duck, it's a duck"

Now I know this guy got properly reprimanded by the NYPD. However why wasn't he convicted on the full rape charges? I know he got the maximum sentence and that is good. Did it have anything to do with the fact that he was a cop?

Or was it this?

Pena, who joined the NYPD in 2008, admitted assaulting the 25-year-old Bronx school teacher but insisted he did not rape her — and under New York law a rape conviction requires proof of penetration.
That disgusts me.

They also did not buy the testimony of witness Gregory Matherly, who was on a skateboard a dozen feet from the incident and testified that Pena raped the woman.

Why does it matter that he was on a skateboard? Did the 3 idiot jurors make a judgement call based on the fact that he skateboarded! If not why is that even on the record?

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  1. New York's Finest putting your tax dollars to work :P

  2. The thing is as an organization they are pretty good. It's just they don't discipline their own properly. This time they did. But someone had to get to those jurors.

  3. My friends from NY don't tell nice things about the institution.

  4. Chrome won't let me see my own comment. Anyway tenment I hear you but when compared to cops in the rest of this country they have more respect for the people that pay them. Big city cops usually are more worried about big picture stuff and will let you off for a few things. The problems they have right now are discipline and institutional racism. They have a stop and frisk program which targets blacks and hispanics. 90% of those stopped are nonwhite. Only 10 % lead to arrest and most of them are not for the alleged offense.
    All that being said they still are the best cops I have dealt with. But that's probly cuz I'm white.

  5. I am still scared of the police. D:

  6. And rightfully so. Especially if you are non white.Also Ray Kelly is a bit of a Nazi. There was a recent scandal about him sending narcs to other states. How about the fact that the NYPD has agents in over 100 foreign countries fighting terrorism. He freely admits it. I mixed an awards dinner where he got some big award and he talked about it for ten minutes. Then he talked about it on 60 minutes. Nobody said anything. But as soon as he got caught at Yale that's when it became a scandal...