Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good gigs of 2010 part 1

 Marlon and Alex. 2 more of my colleagues. Both brilliant.
 More Spoon. I don't know much about them.
 Spoon at Radio City Feb. 2010
 Rahzel checking his mic while Jared inspects the rigging.
 Jared and Joel. Two of the best sound guys in NYC and my colleagues.
 Best pic I got of the madness that is Mike Patton
 Faith No More in Brooklyn
 Mike Patton in Brooklyn 7.2.10
 Faith No More Philly 7.3.10
Faith No More Philadelphia 7.3.10. Mike Patton climbed a truss ladder stage right and got stuck there. Not exactly a smart move on his part because there is a lot of technique involved...I feel blessed having worked with those guys on their reunion. I saw them in 1990 opening for Billy Idol. They blew him off the stage.


  1. Nice pictures, fairly related but i'm seeing the Green Day musical in NYC saturday! pumped!

  2. Well he eventually made it down but there was like 9 people gathered around him to catch... He had the mic jammed in his teeth and was singing the entire time... not bad...

  3. looks good maybe going there sometime.