Friday, March 4, 2011


Gaslight Anthem played Radio City Music Hall on September 30th 2010. It was pretty cool for me because I had done sound for them very early on in my career and now they were playing the big room... My company provided the lighting, stage sound, and sound consoles for this gig. My gig was to set up the microphones and help power up the monitor rig. At Radio City this is interesting because the union is very strict there. Since I don't have my union card I am not allowed to set up mics or speakers. Only the union guys can do that. It is a great system. I walk in tell the guys what needs to get done and they do all the work. If they have questions I am there to answer them.

 2 racks and 2 power distros to power 4 speakers... a bit much...

Joey Knobs setting up Gaslight's console for their tour.
The Mon Wayne Harris. Wayne is from Jamaica and likes lots o' subs! There are never enough subs for Wayne...

The speakers that hang in the air belong to Radio City. That means I don't have to help install them which makes my easy day even easier. I personally love working in this hall. There is so much history here and as a stagehand it really is Mecca. At least for NYC.Also fantastic catering breakfast lunch and dinner...

 The view from downstage center. The barricades get put up when they are bringing the stage up and down. That's Joey Knobs standing there. He works with Gaslight Anthem and a bunch of other local bands...

 view from FOH

 Gaslight's Soundgirl
 Soundgirl with Radio City's house sound guy Patrick... He's got a sweet gig...

I didn't take any pics during the show but these guys were a good rocking band. The singer totally sounded like Springsteen which I think is what he was going for. I thought they were pretty interesting. The rumor was Bruce was going to sing a song with them but it never happened.

Here's some pics I took of Radio City during the day...

 The bus that gets used for the Christmas show.

Some pics of the show from stage left


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  2. I appreciate that man. These pics were all taken on a canon power shot 320. An old one. I just bought a Panasonic Lumix lx 5. So I am hoping to get some better pics. As far as the blog goes I will be checking you out...

  3. Looks fun! Followed!

  4. Awesome pics, good info, and nice banner! ^^ well done bro

  5. what an amazing place, and your job looks awesome

  6. amazing pictures, thanks for sharing!

  7. Awesome pictures. :) I like your blog.